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Industrial Training School: Job Training Programs

Industrial Training School provides job training programs, training classes and Distance learning education courses from stationary boiler operating engineers licensing to distant learning training for instrumentation. We provide job training courses to businesses, small and large as well as non-profits and government agencies.

Training Classes

School job training program summary is for training classes held at Industrial Training School site or off-site. The following is the School's general policy about class sizes and grading.

Job Training Programs: Classroom Policy

Training Classes are kept at 9-10 students. Passing grade of 70 or better is required. The students must qualify to sit for the class for the benefit of all students. Students that are taking a license examine can only take the proctored license examination immediately after the final test. Beverages and lunch are supplied with classroom courses. Financing is not provided and training courses are prepaid in advance.

Job Training Programs: Training Classes and Classroom Training at School

Industrial Training School is a provider of job training programs or on job training program in a traditional training class. Whether off site training classes or school room classes our job training program is right for you. The off site job training program training classes or workplace training classes are off site training or off-site at a local training classroom.

Job Training Programs: Off-Site or at Power Plant

On job training programs, on site training classes at the work-place must have suitable room setting that is conducive to a productive learning environment. Some company conference rooms may not qualify for training classes.

When a training class can not be held at Industrial Training School and the facility does not have an effective learning environment training classroom then a local conference center can be used. The benefit to the facility or organization hosting the on job training program is maximizing the training class instructions with a productive learning environment that give a positive experience to the student and the on the job training program as a whole.

Our traditional job training training classroom programs are for small businesses, corporations, non-profits and government agencies. All job training programs training classes are taught by a NASOE National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers certified Instructor and / or American Society of Power Engineers Certified Instructor(s). Guest speakers maybe added to the program.

Distant Learning Certificate Training Courses

Distance learning education courses by home study courses are correspondence courses used for learning courses at work by distant learning or used as a home course. Our distant learning courses cover boilers for beginners to basic electricity to HVAC.

Distance Learning Education Courses: Home Study Courses

We provide the following job training courses, which can to found at our Industrial Training School website: Boilers for Beginners, Basic HP Boilers and Steam Plants, Basic Electricity, Electrical Principles, Basic Instrumentation, Instrumentation, HVAC for Beginners, HVAC, HVAC II, Steel Making, Metallurgy, Weld Print Reading, Plant Maintenance, Maintenance Mechanic training by distant learning training courses in format of correspondence course by mail.